Game Accessibility Talk from #GAConf live now!

Hey folks!
I’m happy to report that my talk at the Game Accessibility Conference, the first ever Game Accessibility Conference, is now live. This talk proved to be extremely important, as I am, no kidding, still feeling its fallout today. Listen as I discuss blind game accessibility with a bunch of industry folks, and maybe, just maybe, entertain them a little bit along the way. You can watch the video below.

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  1. Chad Fahlman says:

    Hello Mr. Cole,
    My name is Chad Elliott Fahlman. I have developed the first 100% blind accessible action game for Google Play – Blind Samurai. Normally, I would write flowery prose to coax the recipient in to playing. But, we speak the same language. I instead would like to discuss design minutiae.

    Blind Samurai was inspired by Marvel’s Daredevil serial. Did you know it debuted without blind accessibility? That struck me as ironic, and I endeavored to make a Daredevil platformer. The project morphed in to a mobile action game where you role play a blind martial artist.

    Unlike most audio games, it is playable on a whim. There are no intrusive menus. Players wear earbuds and listen to enemies approaching left or right. Players must swipe toward enemies before they close distance. Environmental noise including snow, rain, and wind affects difficulty.

    A taiko drum line keeps time with your kill count. Every time an enemy is slain, the drum pitch increases. I have 25/20 vision. It was an exercise to choose unique sound effects for each attack and footstep.

    There is even a boss like Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time! You must reflect his energy orbs as they near you.

    Please reply if you would like to discuss game design further. And consider playing Blind Samurai. I love getting feedback from the blind community. An iOS port is in development.

    Here is the link. E-mail me for a promo code:

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