Linkage, you ask? Yes, linkage. This is a page dedicated to likable links that I would like to link to because I like the links that I’m linking to. Those likable linkable little links. Yay for them. Anyway, these are sites that I would recommend to anyone looking for fun that just can’t be had here.

General Links

Break Down Walls
The official link to the Break Down Walls web site, the home of the movement started by myself and my fiance Misty Rayburn. We strive to bring together disabled and nondisabled gamers, streamers, and humans to support each other, lift each other up, and generally just be awesome to each other, thus breaking down the barriers between us. Check out the site, join the discord, and listen to our podcast. There’s a community here that you are welcome to be a part of. We’d love to have you.

This is a leading source for all your accessible gaming needs. If there’s a game for the blind or visually impaired out there, this site at least has a little blurb on it.

This is the site of a buddy of mine who is, like me, super weird. He’s cool though, so check out all the cool stuff on his site.


This here’s probably the best online roleplaying game around. It’s completely text-based, and more content is being added to it all the time. You can play the game for free, but you’ll be missing out on a few things. Even if you would prefer not to pay, however, it’s still a fun fun fun thing.

Darker Projects

This site just plain rules. It’s a group of folks who produced audio dramas for no profit. They did it simply because they loved doing it. I used to work with this group, and I urge you to check them out if you’re interested in voice acting, script writing, sound engineering, or all of the above. There was some good stuff that came out of this group, and my memories are fond ones.

This is the web site of a buddy o’ mine, and is dedicated to the accessibility of the Macintosh Computer and all other Apple products. He has everything from news, to user comments, and even has a podcast. Check him out, and give him money. Well, erm, give me half first. Or just… check him out.

My True Friends
This site puts a spotlight on a different member of the blind community each week! Check it out, and give ’em a shout! Maybe you’ll be next!

The Audio Description Project
The audio description project is a tremendous list of content available with audio description on major streaming platforms, on iTunes, on television, in theatres, on DVD, and basically wherever you might seek audio description content. This is the place to go to find out what’s new in the world of audio description, and what content you can expect to enjoy.

Fifteen.AI is an impressive site upon which you can use the voices of popular pop culture characters as speech synthesizers to say just about whatever you like. I currently use them for some of my own Twitch stream alerts, and the reactions I get every time are wonderful! There are some access issues unfortunately, but still, check them out, and have fun!

AI Dungeon
There simply aren’t enough words for me to describe how amazing AI Dungeon is. Imagine a text adventure of old. Set descriptions and set responses. Now imagine a text adventure with limitless possibilities, where your options are limited only by your imagination. That is AI Dungeon, a text adventure game powered by a ridiculously complex AI, and your imagination. Trust me, check it out, and consider signing up for their premium package. It’s worth it. If impressive AI technology is something you’re into, goodness it’s worth it.

The House of Fireseed!
This blind tech geek has decided to do what they can to share their expertise with the world, and thusly was this web site created. Check it out, and expand your own knowledge, perhaps.

Intriguing Streams!

Here are some streamers I highly, highly recommend, because they’re awesome. Trust me, I only recommend awesome things, so there.

Retro Pals
Retro Pals is a stream hosted by a married couple, and their focus is, you guessed it, retro games. And we’re talking about seriously retro stuff here. Old dos games, multimedia games, the works. That would be intriguing enough on its own, but they’re also completely hilarious. Check them out if you want a good retro time.

Damien El Maskador
Behold one of a few descriptive streamers in town, Damien El Maskador! This guy plays all sorts of games with a semi-focus on Japanese games, and does his very best, which is very good, to describe them all and voice any unvoiced text and dialog. His streams are always fun. Check him out!

Blind Ryan
Speaking of descriptive streamers, here’s another! This guy streams many, many different types of things. He loves his difficult games, sometimes an RPG here or there, sometimes a game like Borderlands 3. He describes quite a bit, though in his case not every stream is a “descriptive stream.” When they are, he’ll let you know in the title. Check him out as well!

More linkage will be popping up here as time goes on and as I find more sites that I want to link to. Keep watching this page for more stoof!


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  1. Sam says:

    Hello Brandon,

    I was reading through an article on when it mentioned you, and so I checked out this blog space, and I think its great! I am currently in the process of designing a game that features only audio, and no visuals, for a university project. I was wondering if I could contact you directly and ask you some questions, it would be great to get your opinion on the subject.

    Please drop me an email and let me know!

    Thanks for reading,


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