Linkage, you ask? Yes, linkage. This is a page dedicated to likable links that I would like to link to because I like the links. Those likable linkable little links. Yay for them. Anyway, these are sites that I would recommend to anyone looking for fun that just can’t be had here.

The Kingdom of Loathing:

This is an absolutely wonderful online browser-based game that’ll leave you rolling in the isles. Well, it would if there were isles to roll in. Basically, you’ll choose from six super weird character classes ranging from an Accordeon Thief to a Pastamancer, and you’ll take your character on wild adventures through places like

the haunted Pantry and the Hippy Camp. If that’s not enough, you should see some of the items. It’s fun fun fun, and you should definitely check it out.

This is a leading source for all your accessible gaming needs. If there’s a game for the blind or visually impaired out there, this site at least has a little blurb on it.

This is the site of a buddy of mine who is, like me, super weird. He’s cool though, so check out all the cool stuff on his site.


This here’s probably the best online roleplaying game around. It’s completely text-based, and more content is being added to it all the time. You can play the game for free, but you’ll be missing out on a few things. Even if you would prefer not to pay, however, it’s still a fun fun fun thing.

The UK Audio Network

My opinion on this site is mixed. I feel it can be a fun place to browse around in, but the games, for example, are all fairly simple. Sadly, none of them are worth paying for, in my opinion, but some of them are decent to play on the site itself.

Darker Projects

This site just plain rules. It’s a group of folks who produce audio dramas for no profit. They do it simply because they love doing it. I work with this group now, and I urge you to check them out if you’re interested in voice acting, script writing, sound engineering, or all of the above. We need all the people we can get, and the more we’ve got, the more great dramas shall spring forth.

This is the web site of a buddy o’ mine, and is dedicated to the accessibility of the Macintosh Computer and all other Apple products. He has everything from news, to user comments, and even has a podcast. Check him out, and give him money. Well, erm, give me half first. Or just… check him out.

My True Friends
This site puts a spotlight on a different member of the blind community each week! Check it out, and give ’em a shout! Maybe you’ll be next!

Next Billion
Next Billion is a job platform for people with disabilities looking to work in technology companies & roles. They provide 100% free career support & industry mentorship for a community of job seekers with disabilities — their members have been hired at companies such as Google, Apple, Whatsapp, Microsoft, Spotify, and Disney. Employers pay to partner with and hire from the NextBillion talent community.

More linkage will be popping up here as time goes on and as I find more sites that I want to link to. Keep watching this page for more stoof!





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  1. Hello Brandon,

    I was reading through an article on when it mentioned you, and so I checked out this blog space, and I think its great! I am currently in the process of designing a game that features only audio, and no visuals, for a university project. I was wondering if I could contact you directly and ask you some questions, it would be great to get your opinion on the subject.

    Please drop me an email and let me know!

    Thanks for reading,


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