Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the gaming section. This portion of my web site is dedicated to mainstream console and PC gaming from the perspective of blind gamers everywhere. So without further adue, here are some links for you.


This is where you’re going to find audio only game demonstrations done by blind people to demonstrate which mainstream console and PC games are playable and how they can be played.

Gameplay Samples:

This is a section dedicated to audio from commercial games played by the visually impaired, without all the hastle of talking. This is for those folks who want to hear what a game sounds like without actually going into a full-blown review.

Rockband Dedicated Sample Page

This page is dedicated to audio samples of the popular musical video game known as Rock Band.


This is where you’ll find any articles related to console or PC game accessibility. Any aspect of gaming, not the games themselves, will be discussed here.


Here, you’ll find reviews of commercial console and PC games submitted by blind people. Yet another way to give you an idea of how accessible games are.


Here, you’ll find game-specific guides and/or walkthroughs written by blind people. This may be anything from descriptions of the menus, to giant instructionals that may make a formerly inaccessible game playable.

All three of these options will take you to a page where all articles, reviews, or guides respectively will be displayed, along with short descriptions of each item. Clicking on the link to an article will take you to its associated forum post. It was done this way to give article writers the simplest way to edit their work even after posting. Have fun!

Hopefully this section of the site will flourish and grow. My wish is to bring commercial console and PC gaming to blind folk everywhere, and let the sighted know that indeed we are out here, and we love to game! Game on, and enjoy!



  1. anton says:

    can you please fix the guides link?

    1. Brandon Cole says:

      The entire reason the guides link doesn’t work is actually that there in fact are no guides there. Sorry.

  2. MomInTally says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you know of a website where someone has compiled a list of games that blind people (particularly children) have played on mainstream console systems. (Wii, PS2 or DS) Thanks!

  3. Sam says:

    Hello Brandon,

    I was reading through an article on when it mentioned you, and so I checked out this blog space, and I think its great! I am currently in the process of designing a game that features only audio, and no visuals, for a university project. I was wondering if I could contact you directly and ask you some questions, it would be great to get your opinion on the subject.

    Please drop me an email and let me know!

    Thanks for reading,


    P.S I realise I posted this on the linkage section as well by accident, my apologies, feel free to delete it.

  4. Nicky says:

    Hi brandon, do you want to review our latest Audio Game? Audio Defence: Zombie Arena We should have codes coming pretty soon and are looking for as much support as we can get. Thanks Hope you are well, Nicky

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi just started following you on twitter i just baught a ps4 and am getting a friend to help me set it up laighter i am looking for accessable game sor ps4 other than ijustes and mkx! can you or anyone else help?

    1. Brandon Cole says:

      Greetings! I would also recommend the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter 4, and if you want a party game to play with others, the Jackbox Party Pack, which has 5 total games, only one of which is inaccessible to the totally blind. Enjoy!

  6. Hi Brandon,

    We are a group of students who are currently making a game for blind. We just launched a kickstarter campaign, and was wondering if you could help us spread the words.

    The link of kickstarter is below.

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