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Welcome! You have reached the game demos section of the site, where you will find audio demonstrations of console games. These demos are meant to demonstrate which games can be played for which systems, and how it can be done. And so, let the demos begin!

Lord of the Rings: Tactics

This here’s a demo I recorded myself. It demonstrates the basics, the very basics, of using a PSP, and then takes you through the first mission of this game. Enjoy!


Smackdown Vs. Raw 2006:

The second in my series of super cool demos, this one takes you through an entire singles match and demonstrates the cutscenes in SVR’s season mode. Enjoy!

Mortal Kombat: Deception Demo:

That’s right, folks. This here’s a demonstration done by Yohandy Rodregas, (forgive the spelling), and it’s a good one. Yohandy will take you through several fights, showing all the things that make Deception playable, and all the things that make Deception cool. You’ll hear combos, fatalities, and even the occasional deathtrap thrown in for good measure. As a bit of a warning though, this game does contain some very graphic sound effects, so stay away if that’s not your thing.


Smackdown Vs. Raw Wireless Demo

This is a little demonstration of me playing Smackdown Vs. Raw 2006 for PSP against my girlfriend over a PSP-to-psp wireless connection. There’s a lot of lag in the beginning of the match, but in the end it’s a hard-fought first blood battle. Who won, you ask? Well…one of us did.


MLB 2006: The Show:

Here lies another game demonstration for you all to enjoy. This demonstration is brought to you by a good friend of mine, Jay Pellis, who shows us all why the PSP continues to be the ultimate portable gaming system. This is, of course, my opinion. Anyway, Jay plays through a few innings of this game, and I must say it sounds awesome. Enjoy.


Mortal Kombat: Unchained

Originally I was going to record this demo myself, as I too have this game. However, it appears that is no longer necessary. Jay Pellis strikes again with another hard-hitting, blood-curdling demo that serves to compliment the review I wrote by showing you a decent portion of what this game has to offer. You’ll hear a fatality, some deathtraps, and of course, the boss fight. You’re even privied to one of the character endings. And if that’s not enough, Jay points you to what is probably the very best FAQ/move list for this game. Listen all the way through to get taht info.



The description of this demo is going to be a bit long, as I have my own things to say about this game. This game is still, to this day, one of my stepdad’s favorite football games of all time. And, though I am most definitely not a football fan, it is one of mine as well. The game is, in short, incredible. It’s got the commentary of a current generation game, and the audio is great all around. But don’t take my word for it. Listen, I beg you, to this demo. Even if you don’t really like football, I’m sure you’ll find something to appreciate. In fact, the commentary in this game is so good that Jay Pellis, the three-time demo creation dude, barely has to say anything. And even with all he shows, there are some things he doesn’t, one of which isn’t his fault. The game features actual halftime and post game shows, folks, fully narrated by Chris Berman. And if that’s not enough, while playing the season, you can actually watch a short version of ESPN Sports Center, which will give you the scoop on how things are in the game at that time. And if that’s not enough, you can even watch the episode of Sports Center every year dedicated to the draft picks for that year. Perhaps I should’ve written all this in an actual review, but I personally haven’t played the game, so the review would be incomplete at best. However, if there was one football game I’d be willing to try, this would be it. Listen, and you’ll find out why.


Rise To Honour:

This demo’s got it all. From a wacky introduction, to two instances of total interruptage, to massive spoilerage, there’s nothing you won’t find in this Rise to Honour demonstration done by Clement Chou. And to think, it’s got all these things, and I really haven’t said anything about the game yet. Seriously though, the demo is well-done, and definitely demonstrates most of what you’ll be getting into with this game. We learn why the term Cinematic Action Game fits so well, we hear Jet Lee beat the living crap out of some folks, and we even get to hear the very same Jet Lee get totally owned by knives and hooked sticks. Sorry, Clement. Anyway, I for one plan on snagging this game, and I do hope you all enjoy it. Just remember, as I said, there are two instances where Clement is interrupted, so don’t panic when things just suddenly stop. Just look at it as one of those slow-motion martial arts moves… or something. And also, there is a major game spoiler here, so be careful whilst you listen. And finally, don’t forget to check out Clement’s text review which can be found in the reviews section! Enjoy!


Burnout 3:

This one’s recorded by Orin. He plays a few crash cinarios, or more accurately, the same one a few times, and he also demonstrates a race. As a bit of a warning, though, he admits that he isn’t familiar with all the features of the game, so this is by no means a full review. As a secondary warning, Orin expresses his anger at some parts of this game through some strong language. In other words, this demonstration may not be suitable for children under thirteen. Besides all that, it’s a good demonstration of the crash-filled mess that is Burnout 3. Enjoy!


Urban Reign Demo:

Spoilerific? Of course! What kind of demo would this be if it wasn’t? You need massive spoilerage to make a good demo, right? Right? No? Oh, ok then. Well, consider yourselves forewarned. You cannot listen to this demo without hearing a good chunk of Urban Reign. It was recorded by the artist known as Orin, and is honestly a decent demonstration of the ease of the game, showing you both fighting and going from mission to mission. And speaking of missions, you get to hear several of them. Not just one or two, but, like, ten. Or maybe fifteen. I stopped counting. At any rate, Orin admit to not knowing all the games menus, so there is a bit of confusion in some parts, but it is quickly settled and the game is continued. Also, this demo ends with an epic battle! Well, several of them, I guess. You’ll see what I mean. Suffice it to say big guy, big axe, big pain. And finally, I must warn you all about the foul language in this demo. Language so foul, there are no longer any living birds around my household. Orin can be extremely outspoken at times. If there is a tripple R rating, this one gets it. Alright, I’m done joking around. Listen, and enjoy!

Oh wait, don’t enjoy quite yet. Uh, one more thing. This demo was recorded in the semi-popular .ogg format. If this causes problems, I will put up an MP3 version upon request. That is all.

What Not to do in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Here’s another demo recorded by Orin. I respected his given title of “What not to do in MKA,” however for the most part I don’t see why it is called such. He does well during the arcade mode, save for the performance of fatalities. The only reason I will accept his title is that he also demonstrates, er, rather, attempts Motor Kombat, the racing portion of the game. So here ya go. Again, there is some strong language in this one, so keep the kids’ ears covered. Also, this is in Ogg format, and will be converted if requested. Enjoy.

Marvel Superheros – Mame Demo

This is, of all things, a demonstration of the arcade version of Marvel Superheros. Though the demonstrater, a friend of mine who goes by Aaron, dies many times, it serves to allow him to demonstrate multiple characters including Spiderman, Ironman, and even Magneto. The game plays very much like Streetfighter Alfa, primarily because it’s made by the same company. On top of this game, I’d also recommend checking out Marvel Superheros versus Streetfighter, as I find it to be an excellent game.

Tekken 5

Come one, come all! Listen to the only Tekken 5 demo we, uh, have! Listen as Clement brings new meaning to the phrase, really… really… long… pauses! Listen as he brings the pain to some unfortunate souls! Listen to his expression of shock and surprise when he gets totally and completely owned by a sumo wrestler! And then, if you can get past all that, listen as he completes the game, and shows you one of Tekken 5’s most advertised features! Yes, come one, come all! It’s only taken me half a year to post this demo, as I seem to have forgotten I had it until now! But better late than never, right folks? Step right up, step right up. After all, who doesn’t want to see Clement get owned?

Mortal Kombat Deception Review

This review may break some sort of unset record here on Why, you ask? It’s the first review with an intermition! That’s right. Ben, the host of this review, pauses to play a little tune before finishing everything off. THis review is cohosted with Aaron as well, and the two provide a reasonably back and forth style presentation, each adding their own spins on things. It should be noted that Ben’s microphone is a bit loud, and the file does seem to stutter in certain places, but Ben assures me that there will be a new and better one, and all in all, it’s a good show. It even demonstrates some combos, and Ben classily tells you how to perform them. Check it out.

Marvel Nemesis Review

Ben is back with another review, this time of the playstation 2 version of Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. I will say that I’ve played the PSP version of this game, and from the sounds of things, the PS2 version is far far better. THis is a good review, demonstrating a couple battles between some popular marvel characters. The sounds are pretty spectacular, and the music’s great too. Unfortunately, Ben gets called away early, but this review serves well enough, and perhaps there will be another later on. Enjoy!

Rockit Review

I have come to the decision that I should allow mainstream games of all types to be demonstrated here, not just console games. In that way of thinking, I present you with a review of a commercial product called Rockit. If you’ve ever heard of the popular Bopit product, that’s essentially what this is. The primary difference, of course, is that it is a guitar-shaped device, and you play something very closely resembling music. So join Aaron and Ben as they teach us about this neat little toy, and throw their own senses of humor into the mix. For instance, super special guests Darth Vader and Yoda shall be making an appearance, and they will provide their own commentary on Ben’s guitar playing, and each other.

Onimusha: Blade Warriors

This is a quaint little demo that shows several aspects of how this game, which is, by the way, a far far far better game than Onimusha Warlords, is played. Clement shows us some sweet moves throughout the course of this one. For instance, who would’ve thought that collecting the souls of the dead was as easy as pushing a button? I know I wouldn’t. Wow. Oh, and there’s some general mayhem and slaughter here too, as usual. So take a listen, and enjoy.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Here be GTA. Now, understand this is very loosely a demo. The gentleman who submitted this, a guy by the name of Connor, talks a little bit about what he’s doing, occasionally what cheat codes he’s entering, but that’s about it. However, it still serves as a demo because Connor demonstrates just how fun it is to mess around in the GTA series. Stealing cars, including copcars, blowing things up, using all sorts of weapons against the unsuspecting citty dwellers, parachuting out of helicopters, and generally causing mayhem and destruction. Sure, we blind folk can’t do too much as far as missions go, but all the pain and death we can bring is practically a game in itself. Sound a little disturbing? Well, it is. It should once again be noted that this demo does contain strong language, so be careful what you click on. Also, there is a bit of distortion present. This demo was recorded with a Braille Plus, and we suspect the microphone level was slightly too high. Still, it’s a good show. Enjoy!

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

This is a similarly formatted demo, demonstrating just what fun we can have in this entry in the GTA series. The microphone volume in this one has been fixed, and everything can be heard. Connor has submitted us another great demo, though with all this GTA playing, one begins to wonder who the true Connor really is.

Mortal Kombat Deception: Review done in Stereo

Ben’s back with an MK review to die for. Though you should really try not to, given the shear amount of dying you hear during this review. Yes, Ben describes certain aspects of the game, including combos, and how deeply, how madly, he loves Scorpion. Pssst, Ben, he’s not real. Enjoy, folks!

A Demo of Heavenly Calibur

This is one of the most anticipated, most talked about, most dremt about demos ever placed upon the site. It’s a demo of… Heavenly… Sword? Well, it was supposed to be, but it turns into a Soul Calibur 4 extraviganza starring Clement and myself. Seriously, folks, even if you don’t like or play SC, check this out. It’s worth it just for the banter.

Rock Band Review by Ben Breen

Yes, the Rock Band review is finally here. It’s not done by Clement and myself as originally projected, but, well, you never know what the future may bring. Anyway, Ben does a fantastic job of demonstrating Rock Band’s features, and just how the blind play it. He demonstrates guitar as well as vocals, and points out some things less known by some. Enjoy.

Playstation Network Demonstration by Clement

This is a unique demo in that it gives you both an idea of PS3 menu structure, and demonstrates some games you can find on the Playstation Network. Clement has fun here, and you will too. Enjoy!

Heavenly Sword Demo

Yes, it’s finally here. The Heavenly Sword demo has finally, finally arrived. Listen to Clement and I as we tell you how it works, drool over some videos and cut scenes, and generally banter back and forth. It’s a near two-hour experience, and you’ll love it! Like seriously!

Samurai Showdown Anthology

This anthology is huge, spanning six games in total. And Clement, being the thorough sort that he is, demonstrates most of them. He also gets sidetracked by the options menu, which I find amusing, and of course, he dies a lot. Of course.

Street Fighter IV

Another heart-stopping, action-packed demo from Clement here as he brings you a full demonstration of Street Fighter 4. He gives you a detailed explanation of what things are and how they work, demonstrates some of the arcade mode, and even demonstrates one of the two ways you can play the game online. Oh, and of course, he dies a lot. Poor Clement.

Rock Band 2: Reviewed by Orin

Yes indeed, I am aware we’ve already had one Rock Band review posted, but can one review truly cover the awesomenes that is Rock Band? I think not. With that in mind, here’s a second review. This one’s brought to you by Orin, and covers stuff the first one didn’t. For instance, the music store. Sweet, ain’t it?

Bleach Blade Battlers

Clement brings us another demo of a Japanese game. This one’s based on an anime, and doesn’t sound too bad, though a little simplistic if you ask me. I shall let you judge for yourself. Listen, and enjoy. Clement can’t possibly survive the whole thing.


The Bouncer

Man, I love this game. Clement accurately demonstrates the partially playable, very old PS2 game known as the Bouncer. Enjoy some of this very cinematic game, and some of the versus mode as well. No survival mode demonstrated here, but I don’t blame him. It ain’t as easy as all that. And of course I could throw out my criticisms, but… Nah. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy XIII: Battle with Odin, and beyond

Orin brings us a blockbuster with Final Fantasy XIII, the most playable Final Fantasy game by blind folk. In this sample, he fights Odin, a boss battle which ends in him gaining Odin’s loyalty. Thereafter he can use him as a summonable creature, and so he does. This game is super awesome, so yall’d better love it, cause I do. So neh.

Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock More Guitar Hero 6

The two preceeding links are massive demos of the relatively new, new as of this writing anyway, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Aaron and Ben combine forces to show you quite a chunk of this game. And I seriously mean a chunk. There is spoilerage here, so if the game’s story, known as quest mode, intrigues you enough that you don’t want it spoiled, I’d say only listen to some of this. At most, you could probably get away with listening to the first demo, and not the second, without being too spoiled. One more thing to note, remember that Aaron doesn’t possess a line-in feed, so this demo is in mono. Enjoy!

Rock Band 3: Part 1 Rock Band 3: Part 2

Speaking of demos in mono, here’s another one in two parts. But see, this one’s for Rock Band 3. Aaron goes through a few things, teaching us the layout of the main menu, showing us and explaining the goal system, and even going ahead and completing a few goals for our listening enjoyment. You could even say it has a surprise ending! Woe! Enjoy!

Marvel Versus Capcom 3

This demo is brought to you by Clement, and introduces you to this fabulous franchise if you haven’t already met. If you have, he introduces you to this game if you haven’t already met. If you’ve even met this game, he, ya know, plays it for a bit. Seriously though, you get to see the intro video here, which isn’t really informative to blind folks, but then you also get to see some fights too. I should warn you, the action tends to be pretty fast-paced, so things may get a little confusing if you’re new, but keep listening. You’ll start to figure things out, and see just how fantastic a fighter this game truly is.

And that, folks, is all I’ve got. I know, I know, it’s sad. But don’t cry too hard, because there is bound to be more where that came from. And hey, if you ever feel like submitting one of these to me, you are welcome to do so. Just be a blind person willing to record some gameplay, and drop me a line at

Feel free to send things via yousendit or sendspace directly to that address. Now, you can also choose to sign up for Dropbox by clicking here, and once you have, drop me a line at the above-mentioned email address telling me which email you used to sign up. I’ll happily toss you an invite to a special Dropbox shared folder where you can upload all your samples and/or demos on your own. Have fun, and game on!



  1. Brandon, Since you are presenting at GDC, game developers might want to know how to make games more blind accessible. We have a set of guidelines on our sister website,

    These were developed in conjunction with several blind game developers and should help sighted developers see that it is not rocket science to build in accessibility during their game development.

    Another set of guidelines can be found in the Includification project from That can be found at‎

    You might want to check out our Top 25 websites for gamers who are blind to be able to give more information to developers about the blind gamer market.

    Good luck with your presentation.

    Eleanor Robinson
    7-128 Software

  2. Tashia S says:

    Wow! I just discovered your sight during a bit of late-night browsing and this looks amazing. I know there are other blind gamers out there but I’ve never really seen much about them. I’m pretty moderately visually impaired but I’ve been gaming since about 2005 or so. It all started with these corny little TV games that came with our satellite TV service. My parents then bought me a GameCube and it snowballed from there. By this point I was a teenager but had played one on one with my brother on his PlayStation a few times when I was much younger. Anyway my point is it’s great to see people as passionate about games as I am. Out of curiosity do you accept any content from partially blind gamers as well as those who are completely blind? If so I’d love to do some articles, reviews, and reflections of the games I have played and still play now such as The Sims series, the Lego games I’ve recently gotten hooked on, etc. Either way this sight is awesome and I’ll definitely check back to see what’s new periodically.

    1. Brandon Cole says:

      I originally created the articles and reviews section for community contributions, but the sad fact is I don’t have much of a community. That’s probably mostly my fault, as I’m a terrible blogger, but yes, the short answer is I would accept them.

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