Injustice Kom-Bat: My feelings on the characters and DLC in Injustice

Let me start off by saying Injustice: Gods Among us is a great game. What I am about to say is not meant as a means of detracting from that. In fact, even the characters I’m about to complain about, I won’t hesitate to play as in the game. There are just some frustrations I have with it all, and there is no better place than here to bring them to light. None of this is a complaint about the way the characters play, as most seem to have been designed well. This is about some decisions the developers made that I don’t agree with.

Firstly, what Injustice really is if you want to break it down is a Batman fighting game whichh, oh by the way, features some other DC characters. We’ve got Batman, we’ve got Nightwing, (technically 2 generations of Nightwing), we’ve got the Joker, we’ve got Harley Quinn, we’ve got Bane, and as of the DLC, we’ve got Batgirl too! And that’s not even all, folks. If you count the cameo appearances, we’ve got Scarecrow, Penguin, the Riddler, and Killer Crock! Folks, that’s a lot of Batman. Sure he’s an integral part of the universe, but why not at leat try to balance it out a bit? There’s a Superboy and a Powergirl they could’ve thrown in there. Hey, I’d love to see someone like Booster Gold in the game. Someone not everybody thinks of when they think of well-known DC characters. There is a huge universe from which characters could have been drawn. Sadly that was not the decision that was made, and I am a bit frustrated at that.

Now I’m sure everybody knows where I’m going with my second complaint. The most recent Injustice DLC was the final straw that made me want to write this Blog. Who is it, you may be asking? Which awesome DC character is going to make an appearance? And your answer is… Scorpion. Scorpion from Mmortal Kombat. Now, I am aware that there was apparently a Mortal Kombat comic when the series first began, but I was only made aware of that by an announcement video for Scorpion being in the game, which even admitted that not many know about it. So this wasn’t being marketed toward people who knew Scorpion because of that comic, it was clearly meant for the MK fans.

But why is that such a big deal? Well, when this all started, Ed Boon told us all that there would be no Mortal Kombat characters in the game, which I believed was the correct move. Sure the game plays similarly to MK, but you’re still sort of branching out. You’re expanding on the concepts of Superhero fighting you came up with in MK versus DC< and you're creating a game featuring just DC characters. Well now, that is not the case. I know as well that some in the Injustice community actually wanted an MK character, and some specifically Scorpion, but even then, I find it odd that Netherrealm studios listens to the community on that, but not when everyone found out that Deathstroke is a broken character when you face him online. No, in fact, they made Deathstroke more powerful in the last patch. But I'm getting off topic. Those are my grievances with the game. I think the roster could've been more widely separated over the DC universe, and I dislike the invasion of MK characters in a game that I feel should stick to its own theme. Nevertheless, as I've said, i'll certainly be playing as Scorpion and everyone else, because the game itself is good. Lastly, the DLC cycle is not over. There are rumors about who will be added next, and talk of possibly more than the originally planned 4 characters, but we'll see. You may be hearing more about this from me later, but you should probably start looking for E3-related posts very soon.


  1. clement says:

    Agree about the Scorpion thing, tough I don’t know so much about DC, so can’t comment on your first point that much… but out of 24 characters, there’s probably around 8-10 batman characters playable? Sure a little much, but at least it isn’t 23 out of 24, right? 😛 But as to deathstroke being broken… gotta say that from a technical standpoint he actually isn’t broken. All the things people complain about can be avoided. But then, it comes down to your definition of broken.. some people complain about how strong his guns are, well.. they’re pretty obvious tings that can be avoided. Deathstroke is definitely top teer though, for sure.

    1. Brandon Cole says:

      It isn’t the strength of his guns, Clement, it’s the inability for most characters to avoid them well. I’m not just saing this because of something I’ve read. There’s a guy I follow on Youtube who does playthroughs and stuff, but ever since Injustice came out, he has been playing that on occasion as well. I watch them, both because they actually help me with the game a little, but also because he used to be a professional fighting game player, and it’s interesting to watch him figure characters out. If you don’t think Deathstroke is broken online, then you’d be amazed at how many Deathstrokes he’s had to fight, and how all they do is spam the guns, spam the guns. If he’s Aries, Batgirl, or Green Lantern, he can avoid them. If not, almost nothing is fast enough, even Shazam’s teleport. As for the Batman character thing, I never said every character was a Batman character, but the Batman universe has the dominant amount of characters, and did even before Batgirl came out. That’s what I have a problem with.

  2. clement says:

    Ah okay. Now it makes sense. Again, not knowing much about DC, I can’t comment on it much… I’ve always liked marvel characters more. But then I never really got into DC as a kid either which may have been part of it. As to Deathstroke, you have a point… though it’s odd because I’ve seen just as man matches with other characters where the guns don’t work. I can definitely see ow some characters might have a hard time of it though. I’m curious to see what NRS is planning to do to him in the next patch…

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