These are my sounds. Most of them I created with Goldwave, but one here is different. One here stands out as something I did not create. However, it belongs here just as much as the others do. It contains all the weirdness you’ll find in every other sound you here on this page. The below links will allow you to download my insanity. Think of it! My insanity up for download! Don’t see that everyday. Anyway, I will also provide a short description of each sound after its link. Why? I really don’t know. Just because I’m a nice guy, I suppose.


Overly Aggressive:

This is a file I recorded while talking

to my girlfriend and another friend of mine named Kyle on Skype. If you listen really closely, you can hear the both of them throughout the file. As I was wearing a headset, you’ll have to listen pretty close. Oh, and for no reason at all, I was looking through computer games while I was recording. Basically, I was just messing around and experimenting with all the cool effects I could use. I think it turned out good, and I think even those who don’t know these people will get a kick out of it. Or a punch. As long as they get something, you know.


My Stint On Joe’s Show:

This is something I did not create, thus making it probably the most well-done file on the site. Regardless, this file is frickin huge! Expect massive downloadage, as this thing’s about sixty MB.

It’s an hour and three minutes of chewy chocolatey goodness all rolled up into a nice fresh, uh, audio file. Basically, I have a friend. His name is Joe. Joe has an internet radio show. Well actually he has a couple, but I was only on one of them so that’s the one that counts. Ha! Just kidding. Anyway, he did his show and called me on skype to join in. This was the result. It was so funny that he archived it, I stole it from him, and now I’m putting it here with the rest of my strange and insane stoof. Enjoy!


Midget Lawyer Dude:

    For starters, I don’t know why I recorded this. Um, basically it’s a really really big giant talking to his really really small lawyer. It’s not very large, but it just might be funny.


Stop the LOTR Violence!

Do those letters in that title look familiar? They should. This particular file involves three of the characters in the popular Lord of the Rings story. Take a listen at their more violent sides! Gwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


Gandalf Wizardry Instructional Video

Don’t be fooled, it’s not actually a video. One day, I wondered what it would be like if Gandalf was a magic teacher, and so I made this captivating audio file which explains everything. I will admit there’s some background in this file as well. I’m sorry for that. The fact is, I was talking to people again while I was recording. I do that a lot. Ah well, listen and enjoy!


Mess Around with Sound:

This here is actually one of the first sounds I ever did with goldwave. Not the very first. The very first was embarrassing and probably didn’t have anything important in it. (I didn’t save it). Anyway, this is basically a miniature promo for the very act of messing around with sound! Yay for that!

Kyle’s Challenge:

This sound was rather fun to make. One of my friends, Kyle to be exact, challenged me to make a recording of anyone in my family and then add a bunch of effects to it. I was then to send it to him so he could attempt to discover who it was. He was wrong. For the curious folk, it’s my mother. Haha. Enjoy!

Mic Wrestling:

Ever wondered what would happen if somebody took it upon themselves to wrestle a microphone? Well, SWA talent Mark Ventor did just that, and we recorded the whole thing. There is a bit of a cutting problem near the end, or more accurately through the second half, but somehow the things that happen to this man’s microphone still remain hilarious. Enjoy this. I beg of you. Oh, and one more thing. This here recording contains some strong language, mostly as a result of what happens to the man’s microphone. Parental discression is advised, and all that.


When Wind Elementals Attack:

This is a relatively stupid sound I mixed one fine day when I was bored. It has to do with a special attack done by wind elementals on one of my favorite muds, New Moon. In the attack, the elemental sweeps toward its foe, lifts them forty feet into the air, and then slams them back on the ground. This is my little recreation. Enjoy, or something.


Interview with All Games Interactive:

This is an interview I did with AGI, used with their permission. They were intrigued by the fact that I played video games, and asked me to call them up and talk about it, so I did. The file goes a bit beyond my call, to demonstrate the, uh, theme song they came up with for me afterward. Enjoy, and check these guys out if you’re into video games.


    More sounds shall appear here as time goes on and as I record more audio files. I know there are some who will view this site and say "Hey! I could create better sounds than that guy with my eyes close, both hands tied behind my back, and my feet on hot coals!" It is because of this that I welcome tips from other sound editors. Let me know how I can make my sounds even better, and I guarantee you that I shall keep on bringin weirdness to knew levels as I learn more. Feedback can be sent to my by email or posted on the boards. Either way, I shall find it eventually and make note. For those intending to leave feedback, I currently use Goldwave 5. Thanks in advance for all your help.


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  1. Ron says:

    Niice sight! you sound pretty cool, keep up the great work! hey, did you know, their’s a totally audio version of super mario bros 1 the first one that came out? it’s awesome! you can e-mail me if you like, and skype user name is ron.smith9886, talk soon!

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