Is Fortnite Perfectly Positioned for Covid?

I have written about Fortnite before. I’ve talked about the sheer neatness and uniqueness of its live events on more than one occasion. But even I didn’t anticipate what it would become, and honestly just how important. What could I possibly mean by that? Well, I’ll tell you.

Obviously, none of us could have predicted the situation the world is now in. Covid19 was and honestly still is a shock to us all. That said, of all the games to update, and/or come out since the pandemic began, who would’ve thought that Fortnite would be the one that was already maneuvering itself into the absolute perfect position? It’s actually possible that maybe Epic themselves didn’t fully form these plans until after the pandemic began as well, because the ability to do live events was already in place. I promise I’m getting to it here, folks. Let’s talk about just what plans I mean, and what Fortnite has been doing lately.

Fortnite has greatly, greatly expanded its live events. The new Party Mode in fortnite has become the place to be for many, many things. The first live concert done in Party Mode was not the 10-minute affair that Marshmallow got. It was over an hour long, and featured 3 live DJ’s. And it didn’t stop there. Party mode has since been used to debut movie trailers, and get this, it has been used for real live in-game watch parties. Full length movies have been shown within Fortnite. No joke. And it’s a strategy that’s working, especially in times like this. People are showing up for these things. I don’t know if these events are bringing in new players, but if nothing else they are keeping the existing ones in-game. It’s an impressive utilization of the tools Epic has placed in Fortnite.

In fact, given the things that have been done with, say, their concerts, (launching players into the air at key points during a song, dropping them into water at others), what is to stop Fortnite from working with a film studio to create some kind of interactive movie experience? That might sound crazy, but I’m completely serious. Fortnite has demonstrated that the tools are there, that they can run not only live events, but live interactive events. Yeah, I’m sure it would take a lot of work to get going, but this is Epic. Fortnite makes something like a gajillion dollars. I see no reason why it couldn’t happen someday.

Anyway, this has been in my head for a while now, and I wanted to write about it because I have always been interested in the crazy tech built into Fortnite. These new ideas with Party Mode have just given me more ideas of the potential of that tech. Let me know if this interests you as well. I always welcome discussion. Thanks for reading, and stay awesome!

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