Brandon is back after being on a plane for like ALL DAY!  He’s resting up and there will be some pretty awesome blogs coming up here soon.  I just wanted to personally thank everyone who approached Brandon with your questions!  The response has been AMAZING!  I’m amazed and I wasn’t even there! I WILL be there next time!   If you were at GDC and you didn’t get a chance to give Brandon your business card or have questions for him you didn’t get to ask, feel free to email me at misty@meteorflower.com with your contact information and I’ll add you to the word file I’ve started for him.  Questions can be emailed to him directly at superblindman01@gmail.com!  Even if you weren’t at GDC and you have questions, email him!

We have heard that the GANG awards will be streamed on twitch so we’ll let you know when those are gonna be aired as soon as we know.  Also, we’re not sure if Brandon’s Panel will be made available to the public but as soon as we know, you’ll know.

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  1. Adriane Kuzminski says:

    Congratulations, Brandon, on the GANG Ambassador Award!! I agree, this is just the beginning!

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