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Uh, um, right again.

Well folks, this being new and all, I’ve done it again. Apparently, not just one, not even just two, but every single page I created and posted was broken. All were showing you the HTML source, rather than the page as it was meant to be shown. Thankfully, I can now report that all is […]

Uh, right then.

So I realized, only after saying how everything was working, that I hadn’t created a page for the Rock Band content yet. This has now been done, and the link on the gaming page has been updated. Uh, woops. Again, new at this.

The Site Returneth!

Why hello there, all you lovely viewers! This here update is to let each and every one of you know that for the most part, the site is back up and running. The links in the top menu should all work, and they will give you access to all the old content you’re used […]