Resident Blind!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a real live content update! This one’s a smash if you ask me, as it really slams what we’re trying to do home. We’ve got 2 samples of a blind person, yes a blind person, playing Resident Evil 6. I’m talking about this one, and this one. Check out the samples […]

Uh, um, right again.

Well folks, this being new and all, I’ve done it again. Apparently, not just one, not even just two, but every single page I created and posted was broken. All were showing you the HTML source, rather than the page as it was meant to be shown. Thankfully, I can now report that all is […]

Uh, right then.

So I realized, only after saying how everything was working, that I hadn’t created a page for the Rock Band content yet. This has now been done, and the link on the gaming page has been updated. Uh, woops. Again, new at this.