Madden 21: Hope Unrewarded

When Madden 20 came out, featuring some menu narration, some vibration queues, and some other assistive features, we were all so, so excited. Sure, Madden 20 wasn’t by any means a perfectly accessible game. Plenty of things that, ideally, should have been narrated, were not. The playbooks, tutorial messages, the entire first part of Face […]

The Avengers Really Might be a Fun Ride, but if You’re Blind, They Can’t Assemble Just Yet

Marvel’s Avengers seems like it will be a lot of fun, but not necessarily for the blind. Yet, there is an inkling of possibility there as well. Accessibility would be possible in this game, based on what I’ve seen, with the addition of only a few features. Before we begin our discussion, it must be […]