Oreo's Adventure


                One day, a little guy named Oreo the oreo woke up. This was very unusual as oreos didn't have a tendancy to wake up at all. In fact, nobody, including the oreos themselves, knew that they were sleeping. "Dude!" cried the disoriented oreo. "I know exactly where I am."


                He lay on the kitchen floor. It was actually a little boy named Bob who had dropped him there. Bob was mad because his mother had refused to make him his favorite dish of all, chicken. In a sudden fit of rage, he had grabbed an oreo out of the cookie jar and had thrown it violently on the floor. Immediately after this, he wet himself because he was thinking of what it would be like if his mother had actually served him chicken.


  He always seemed to soil himself when he thought about his mother's chicken. In fact, there was one particular moment during his schoolday when he was being pestured by some very nasty bullies and they called him a chicken. He instantly thought about chicken and soiled himself on the spot. This made the bullies laugh and they called him a chicken for soiling himself. Can you guess what happened? Before you knew it, Minnesota had another lake!


                Anyways, it's time to get back to the oreo. The oreo knew it was on the kitchen floor, and it really didn't like it very much. The floor was all covered with urine and chicken bones. If Bob's mom hadn't made chicken today, she had certainly made it yesterday. The oreo got up, a very noble effort, and rolled across the room to the entrance to the family room, a very disgusting effort. I mean, a dog wouldn't have done it. Not all the urine or the chicken bones were fresh. However, this oreo was strong-willed enough to survive it. He was, after all, double-stuffed.


                When the oreo got into the family room, he almost ran right into Bob's foot. Luckily, he didn't and his life continued. Well, it continued for about two seconds. Bob picked up a chicken and squashed the oreo to death with it. The oreo's last thought was how interesting it was that Bob chose to squash it with a chicken when his foot was closer. The oreo's final last thought was that Bob had used his foot. It was just that Bob's foot was, in fact, a giant chicken. Oh yeah, Bob's foot died too.