Program Stoof

Program Stoof

Welcome to the newest addition to, the programming section! Wahoo! That’s right, folks, I, Brandon Cole, your resident psychopath, have taken an interest in programming! Here is where you’ll be able to find my latest efforts and, as in the soundage section, follow my progress as I become better and better. Because, of course, I will become better and better. Nobody can stop me! Nobody! Gwahahahahahahahaha! Anyway, if anyone would like to comment on my efforts or make a suggestion, feel free to drop a comment somewhere on the message boards. Also, feel free to drop me an email at And now, without further adue, the freakin links!


This is the first of my efforts. It is a simple two-choice Choose Your Own Adventure program made up of message boxes and yes or no questions. Still, it’s funn.


Adventure 2:

This little program is also a two-choice adventure, but there are two major differences between this one and the first one. Well, um, actually it’s more like three… or four, but it’s still the same basic concept. First, the adventure itself is different. Duh! Second, the file is much larger than the first one, thanks to reason 3. Third, there is audio in this adventure! Yeah! Audio! Cool, isn’t it? And four, I have now learned how to identify whether or not an item has been picked up or not. Yeah, I’m still a beginner, but if that’s not progress, I don’t know what is.

Adventure 3:

Yeah, I know, another adventure. But hey, this one’s a lot more complicated. Why? Several reasons. First, it’s self-voicing. No screenreader required! Second, it’s got an installer! Now how awesome is that? Woot! Third, it uses com audio, so it’s a whole lot more compressed than it might’ve been. I was able to use ogg files instead of those evil wav files, and it worked out great. Oh, and last, all the stuff you hear is totally improvised. Yay for that!


Adventure 4: Adventures with Russians!

This here’s a little work of mine that I wrote to demonstrate certain possibilities. I have decided that one thing I would deeply enjoy doing is making interactive audio dramas. To that end, I’ve designed this super cool, nifty neato, so small that it fits in your handbag, demo to show all of yall what I’m capable of as far as menu-based adventures go. It’s funny, it’s freaky, and it’s downright cool! Check out adventures with Russians today!

Currently, that’s all I’ve done. I hope to bring much more complex programs here soon. Ya know, things that will actually take you longer than a minute to complete. Until then, enjoy!



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