How to make your e-fed more accessible for the blind

Hey gang!  I wrote an article over on an e-wrestling resource site about how to make online wrestling federations more accessible for the blind.  If you don’t know what an online wrestling federation is, it’s an mostly text based RPG depending on what type of fed you join.  Some use a simulator like WWE 2K14 to run their results but some of us write them out too!  You create your character complete with moveset and entrance and then you join the fed.  I book you in a match and then through working with and responding to other players, your character’s career advances or falls apart.  If you’d like to see one in action, you can join mine at!  We do really great with people that are totally new to it.  One prerequisite is you have to like to write!  Your promos are written and that’s how match wins or losses are decided.

If you want to check out the article on roughkut, it’s here.

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